Courses for Adults
  • At Lernzentrum Turner we believe in the power of collaborative and communicative learning (mini groups of 3 to 6 maximum) – but any of our courses can be taken in individual classes (one-to-one) or semi-private.
  • The course will be designed based on the needs and goals of the student in an extremely tailored way and creatively delivered by our highly qualified teaching staff.
  • On top of that we offer you a friendly, personalized atmosphere, where we value you as an individual.
  • Our classrooms are equipped with the newest technology to support your learning in an effective but unobtrusive way.

Our courses are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference and are divided into 3 levels with 6 sub-levels: Basic language user (A1 and A2), independent language user (B1 and B2) and proficient language user (C1 and C2).

The first contact with a new language is one of the most important and challenging steps you will take. That is why our A1 courses are taught by teachers with high levels of empathy, who will patiently but efficiently introduce you to the new language. You will learn everyday expressions and basic phrases, to enable you to express concrete needs such as ordering in restaurants, or give basic information about yourself. Sentence structure in present tenses is introduced, as well as some past and future structures in the later part of the course. However, grammar by itself does not allow a speaker to say anything and so at this stage the acquisition of key vocabulary and expressions is foregrounded while listening and speaking skills are emphasized.
As with our A1 courses the focus in the next stage is the use of language related to self. Course materials cover a wide variety of stimulating topics, but as a learner you will be encouraged to relate these topics to your own experience or needs and give more developed or detailed information about yourself, using a wider range of vocabulary and grammatical structures. By the end of this course you will be able to deal well with common transactional situations and will feel comfortable having simple conversations about yourself and others in the target language.
At this level you will develop your grammatical and vocabulary knowledge so that you are able to give or ask for opinions about topics related to your immediate, personal or professional environment. As with courses at earlier stages, the emphasis remains on speaking and listening skills, but you will also engage with longer, connected written texts. We will help you to develop speaking and listening strategies, to ensure that communication still succeeds, when you lack a particular word or phrase. By the end of this level you will be able to handle most situations encountered in areas where the language is spoken with ease and will be able to discuss familiar topics with some fluency.
The focus at this level widens, to encompass topics that may not be connected to your immediate experience or environment. You will increase your vocabulary significantly at this level so that by the end of the course you are able to interact with speakers of the target language fluently and spontaneously on most non-technical topics. You will also feel comfortable reading most texts of a non-technical nature and will not have difficulty understanding the main points of these texts. As with all our general language courses, there is a strong emphasis on speaking and listening skills but we do not neglect reading and writing skills and you may read or produce a written text at home to use as a springboard for discussion in class.
In this course the approach is holistic, with all language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) addressed. There is a strong emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and study of frequent academic and professional words and combinations of words, as the acquisition of these is essential for students who wish to go move beyond the upper-intermediate level. All core grammatical structures have been studied at earlier levels, but can be repeated and knowledge deepened, depending on your needs.
As with our C1 course there is a strong emphasis at this level in helping you to acquire wider vocabulary, so that you are able to understand almost everything you read or hear in French. Advanced, non-technical texts are studied and there is a strong emphasis on discussion. To join this course you must already have a very good grasp of core grammatical structures but more advanced grammar, especially as it related to expressing nuanced meanings, will be studied. You will already be a confident speaker at the start of the course, but will broaden your vocabulary on a wide-range of topics and become an even more fluent and accurate speaker.