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Lernzentrum Turner Owner and Manager: Jessica Turner

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After my initial teacher training in the UK I went on to obtain specialist qualifications in the teaching of English as a foreign language and to teach adult and younger language learners in Japan, Singapore and eventually here in Switzerland. These experiences have convinced me that learners differ fundamentally in how they go about tackling a new language and this is the reason we stress individuality in our programs at Lernzentrum Turner.

I have also seen that learning can only take place in an environment which is physically and emotionally conducive and I hope as a new student you will immediately notice how much value we place in both the physical environment and the quality of the personal interactions here at Lernzentrum Turner.

My time in Japan and Switzerland have heightened my awareness of the challenges of learning languages both when immersed in it and when not. The joy of being able to communicate with others in their first language, to succeed in the work place or at school due to acquired skills in another language is a unique one, and one which I wish to enable others to experience for themselves.

Seeing my two daughters grow up bilingually in English and Swiss German and taking pleasure in the way they learn new words every day reminds me what a privilege it is to work with language learners and to help them to discover and enjoy a new language as well as to reach their goals, be they academic, professional or personal. In fact, what makes Lernzentrum Turner a truly excellent centre of learning is precisely this commitment to passionate, individualised and goal-oriented learning.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lernzentrum Turner soon!

Jessica Turner

Owner and School Manager

We believe….

…Learning is personal and personalised

Our learners are treated as individuals with personal goals, needs and interests and these are at the heart of our lessons.

…Learning is facilitated and fostered

Our teachers use the best practice in language teaching to facilitate and foster the learning process. Opportunities for professional development of our teachers are valued and facilitated.

…Learning is dependent on its atmosphere

We provide a friendly, clean, professional, modern, pedagogically sound learning environment, which is technologically advanced.

…Learning is done best in small collaborative groups

Our learners actively work together in small groups so that they are an intrinsic part of the learning process of the group and are in control of their own learning.

…Learning goes beyond the classroom

Our goal is to help our learners to achieve goals that extend beyond the classroom by bringing the world to the classroom (through the use of media, literature and technology).

…Learning is an acquired skill

Our learners are given strategies to improve their learning skills, to make the time and effort that is put into learning as efficient as possible.

…Learning is respected and valued

Our learners’ opinions are important to us and feedback and advice will be received openly and will be used to improve.

…Learning is dynamic and fluid

Our learners are able to monitor and measure their progress, through regular assessment and consultation.

…Learning at its best is tailor-made

We strive to make the atmosphere, physical environment, materials, teacher, group, lesson topics and themes and activity type come together in a perfect blend that suits you; the Lernzentrum Turner Learner.